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Massaging Insole - Men/Women

Our Therapeutic Massaging Insoles have a revolutionary design that allows your foot to float on top of the liquid Glycerin as you walk giving you a constant foot massage using specific acupressure points.
Sports / Dress / Casual Orthotic - Men/Women

Designed to provide maximum foot comfort and protection in casual
and comfort footwear. These tri-density orthotics feature a high-tech
Carbosan® top cover that cushions the foot and absorbs shock forces.
This innovative material is anti-odor and anti-bacterial to help keep your
feet in a healthy, clean environment. Lynco Orthotics are light-weight,
resilient and provide unmatched support and stability. Fits comfortably in
most footwear styles.

Callaway Golf Conform Orthotic - Men/Women

With Callaway® Golf Orthotics you’ll feel as good on the 18th hole as you did at the
start of your day. These extraordinary orthotics fit comfortably in golf footwear and feature a CopperGuard® top cover. Copper has been lab tested and clinically proven to help prevent bacteria, fungi, and odor to keep your feet healthy and clean.
Copper Socks / Non-Binding

  • Non-Binding yarn with Spandex hugs leg without restriction
  • Hand linked smooth toe seam for extra protection
  • Technologically advanced Moisture-Guard™ wicking system
  • Extra cushioning option for superior comfort & shock absorption
  • Doctor recommended for diabetes
  • Copper Socks / Athletic

  • Added cushioning heel to toe for superior shock absorption
  • Elasticized arch support for added performance
  • Reduces friction to help prevent blistering
  • Technologically advanced Moisture-Guard™ wicking system
  • Controls odor and rejuvenates your skin
  • Copper Socks / Dress Rib

  • Hidden Copper fibers for aesthetics
  • Luxuriously soft performance spun yarn
  • Flat seam construction for extra comfort and protection
  • Incorporates Spandex to comfortably hug the foot and leg
  • Copper Socks / Compression
    • Graduated compression from ankle to knee (20-25mmHg)
    • Energizing action for day-long comfort
    • Reduces swelling and leg fatigue
    • Often recommended for varicose veins, swollen legs, post
    24hr Pain Relief Night Splint - Men/Women

    Features a Foot Pain Night Splint designed to comfortably stretch the plantar fascia and achilles tendon during sleep. Helps reduce the muscle contracture, inflammation and pain
    associated with the first step in the morning or after periods of rest.

    *Includes removable stretching wedge and a pair of Gel heel cushions

    Bunion Night Splint

    Apex Bunion Night Splints help keep your big toe aligned and comforts pain caused by bunions. The soft bumper pad cushions the big toe, while the Velcro® strap acts as a lever to gradually align the big toe, relieving discomfort. Apex Bunion Night Splints should be worn at night.
    Gel Heel Cups

    Clinically proven to absorb shock, cushion painful heels and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon, these unique heel cups are recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis or general heel pain (posted is ideal for those with "flat feet"). The unique "cupped" design transfers pressure away from the rearfoot, and Soft Gel plugs offer additional pain relief. Made from a medical grade Platinum Gel to provide immediate relief from rearfoot discomfort.

    Gel Heel Cradles

    Clinically proven to absorb shock, cushion painful heels and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon, these unique heel cups are recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis or general heel pain. Recommended for those with "flat feet", these unique heel cradles incorporate a medial post to gently realign the rearfoot while absorbing shock and cushioning painful heels. Soft Gel plugs provide extra relief, and medical grade PLATINUM Gel helps provide immediate comfort for heel pain.

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